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Here you will find lots of stuff about fashion dolls, custom sewing of fashions, reproduction vintage, and restoration of vintage dolls.

Thank you for visiting The Dragon's Dolls.  I am a collector of fashion dolls of all sizes.  A lifelong seamstress, I enjoy making handmade clothing and accessories for  dolls.  You can see some of my work on the Dragon's Closet page.  Most of my pictures are of 11.5" fashion doll clothes, but I can also make clothing for 16" fashion dolls such as Tyler Wentworth and Gene, and for the 10" Tiny Kitty doll by Tonner.  I am venturing into the 18" fashion doll world soon with my first CED doll purchase.  Look for clothes in this size soon!

I've also done some work in vintage fashion doll restoration.  I find a lot of pleasure in taking a worn doll and restoring her just-deboxed beauty.  If you have a vintage doll in need of restoration services, please email me with good pictures of the doll.  You can see some of my restoration work on the Restoration page.

I occasionally sell on eBay under the seller ID drgnzdollz .   For non-eBay deals and steals, check out my salesroom!

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For non-eBay deals and steals, click on the red door and check out my salesroom!

I 'd love to hear from you if there is something special you would like for me to try to make.


"The Dragon"

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